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MS-2 Asphalt Mix Design Methods

MS-2 Asphalt Mix Design Methods

Mix Design

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ISBN: 9781934154700

The 7th edition of MS-2 Asphalt Mix Design Methods is a practical guide based on proven technologies, incorporating the most current information available at the time of writing. This edition offers significantly expanded application and guidance relative to our previous mix design manuals.  AASHTO, ASTM and other published standards are referenced often in addition to important research findings.

This book is intended for mix designers, pavement engineers, lab personnel and others involved in asphalt mixtures. Topics are presented in the logical progression of mix design steps. Chapters 1 through 5 apply across all mix design methods; covering mix behavior, material selection, batching, specimen preparation, binder absorption, specific gravity testing, volumetric calculations, data interpretation and more. Chapter 6 covers the unique aspects of the Superpave system, while chapter 7 does the same for Marshall and chapter 8 does the same for Hveem. Chapters 9 through 11 are again generic for all dense graded mixes and design methods; covering moisture sensitivity, performance testing and the use of recycled materials. Chapter 12 discusses the many specialty type mixes utilized for unique applications, and chapter 13 wraps up the manual with guidance on verifying the JMF once field production starts.Fully illustrated, 8.5x11 in., 188 pages.

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